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About Us

DCANS Kitchens operates a multi-strategy operating model (cloud kitchens, takeaways, dine-ins, etc). Our main priority has always been to keep things simple and efficient for our operations, customers and clients. We are contunuously building bespoke commercial kitchens alongside groupwide shared office spaces and a tasting rooms, supporting our growing business activities in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs.


DCANS Kitchens Ghana, affiliated to Kitchen Afrique UK, are both part of The DCANS Group Limited (registered in England & Wales, but dual-headquatered in Ghana & the UK).


The DCANS Group Limited [DCANS Kitchens Ghana] does business in Ghana as/via DCANS Investments, which is registered in Ghana with business registration number 434732013, with registered office on file being: ADW A/89, Koforidua-Adweso.